I would appreciate your views, particularly if you live in the area of Brokenford Lane, or use the Rumbridge Street car park.

Rumbridge Street Car Park

Rumbridge Street Car Park

The Rumbridge Street car park was, for many years, free of charge.

During this time, it was generally well used and there were few problems with parking on nearby roads.

I was always opposed to the introduction of car parking charges at this particular car park.

I anticipated that it would simply mean that motorists would park elsewhere nearby.

My own view is that this has largely proved to be the case. From my observations, the motorists who do park here have a parking clock or a free pass (they work at HCC’s Hub at Batt’s Corner).

Very few people actually pay to park.

You can often see most of the parking bays empty.

These days, I get complaints from residents living nearby about anti-social parking.

It’s especially a problem at the bottleneck, the bottom end of Brokenford Lane where sometimes large lorries are trying to get through to the industrial estate.

Given that NFDC cannot be making much income from car parking charges, I have previously tried (unsuccessfully) to get the question of car parking charges reviewed.

Am I wasting my time, pressing for the charges to be lifted, or would such a move be widely welcomed?

I want to know what you think… please!

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