David outside Number 10 Downing Street

David outside Number 10 Downing Street

Okay, let’s be honest….. I am not going to be the next Prime Minister.

However, I think that it is really important that the new government has the “advantage” of a strong opposition presence.

Locally, the Tory Councillors often privately acknowledge that I do a great job keeping them on their toes and some of them have even said they will be voting for me as the next MP!

Just a reminder of some of the things I have challenged them over in recent years:

Closing the Visitor Information Desk in Lyndhurst.

Threatening to close the Household Waste Tips.

Spending £1.2 million more than they needed to on a row of beach huts.

Stopping funding for the Age Concern lunch clubs.

Cutting the District Council workforce whilst failing to reduce the number of Councillors.

Pretending to oppose housing on green field sites, whilst doing nothing to lobby the Tory government who are imposing the targets on this area.

Incompetence and waste at Town Council level, whether it is paddling pools, car parking & failure to support local groups.

Blocking efforts to restore the Waterside Passenger Railway.

It may have occurred to you that the local Tory MP could and should have campaigned on any of these things but has remained strangely silent on all of them.

Do you want a Tory MP who only works for the Tories or somebody who truly works for the community as a whole?

Don’t bother trying to e-mail him. Simply, vote for me on June 8th.

And yes, I agree, the mustard trousers were a big mistake – but at least they got me noticed!

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