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Councillor Davod Harrison

Nobody Talks About UKIP These Days

UKIP and Elvis Impersonator
It’s quite shocking how a once-popular political party can disappear so quickly…. and I am not talking about the Liberal Democrats.

Despite all predictions, the Lib Dems increased the number of MP’s it has, still has a massive presence at local government level and now, more members than the conservative party.

On the other hand, UKIP has no presence in Westminster, lost most of their Councillors and recently elected yet another leader, who most people would be hard-pressed to name.

Things have got so bad that in what was UKIP heartland, Clacton, a proposed Nigel Farage appearance has sold only 179 tickets, rather less than an Elvis Impersonator due to appear the following week.

Part of the reason UKIP has gone is that they have been assimilated into the Tory party, influencing them towards their chosen “hard Brexit”.

This is pretty much a toxic thing as many conservatives are beginning to work out.

One aspect of Brexit is that it is pretty much likely to break up the United Kingdom.

As one commentator has put it “losing a Union with one country (Scotland) will be unfortunate, but losing a Union with two (Northern Ireland) will be something else – and this is a party that describes itself as the Conservative and Unionist party!


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