Tory MP, Dr Julian Lewis has kept his seat with a strong majority in the General Election.

Dr Julian Lewis - conservative - Votes 32,162
Julie Renyard - Labour - Votes 10,167
David Harrison - Liberal Democrats - Votes 7,786
Henry Mellor - Green Party - Votes 1251 (loss deposit)

Turn out was about 70%

Thanks very much to all who supported me. I am disappointed of course, but it is quite humbling to think that 7,786 people think I would have made a good MP for the area.

I have been able to almost double the Lib Dem vote from last time around and move us up from a fourth place to third.

I do think we ran a good, positive, campaign and am very pleased to have taken part in the process.

It’s very, very, hard to get elected in a New Forest seat unless you are a conservative.

Only one person has managed it in the last 200 years.


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