General Election Choice

I am very grateful to the many hundreds of people who have told me that they normally vote Tory but will be switching their vote to myself this time.

Two weeks to go…

I am out and about a lot lately, even more so than usual. I didn't expect to be heavily involved in a General Election campaign, having only just been re-elected onto Hampshire County Council with an increased majority of 999 votes!

Shameful Brexit Message

I am disappointed to see that our former Tory MP has sent out a letter to all postal voters misrepresenting the Liberal Democrats position on a second Brexit referendum.

Dementia Tax

If you, or your relatives were planning to vote Conservative, they have just given you the best possible reason to vote for me instead

As if it was not hard enough…

Election campaigns are very hard work. It requires a huge amount of volunteer effort, even in normal times, when the elections are scheduled well in advance.

Fox Hunting

As you can probably imagine, as a Parliamentary candidate, I am getting hundreds of e-mails from people, lobbying me on a range of subjects and asking what my stance is.


An interesting discussion today with a couple who said they would like to support me in the General Election but they were worried about the immigration issue. Because of this, they had voted for Brexit.

NHS Hack Attack

It really makes my blood boil to think that somebody has launched a cyber attack on our NHS.

Eling Wharf planning application

I very often get asked what is happening to Eling wharf and the planning application that was expected to follow the public consultation events.

Tin Hat Time

A lot of people are messaging me, expressing concern about what they see as me taking all the flack for the decision of the planning committee on the question of the Lidl store application in Hythe.

Goodbye UKIP

UKIP are not intending to stand a candidate here in the General Election and are actively telling former supporters to vote for the Tory, Dr Julian Lewis.

New Supermarket for Hythe?

Tomorrow, I will be making a decision, along with other members of the Planning Committee on New Forest District Council on whether to approve an application to build a new supermarket in Hythe town centre.