Trip Advisor

I am a fan of Trip Advisor. I almost always provide a review after I have been away and I choose holidays only after looking at the comments from other contributors.


I was lucky enough to enjoy a short holiday in Catalonia, Spain last week. It's a good place for revolutionaries like me to visit!

Ambition Before Country

Leaking part of a private Cabinet conversation, in which the Chancellor expresses the view that public sector workers are “overpaid” was bound to get the media into a midsummer frenzy

Brexit Dead in the Water

How significant is it that the Tories failed to get the big backing it wanted from the General Election to deliver a hard Brexit....

LibDem Victory on Tip Restrictions

A report going to committee at Hampshire County Council next week seems to confirm that the conservatives have finally got the message...

Butterfly Identification

I really like butterflies. I was lucky enough to spot these two that had settled down together for a brief second.

“Tenacious D – or Loser”?

Not many people envy my role as Leader of the Lib Dem opposition on the Tory-run New Forest District Council.

Awesome Nature

I was able to enjoy my morning at what must surely be the best nature reserve in Hampshire, Martin Down.

Clover but Dishonest

I wonder if you caught the Tory Cabinet member, Michael Gove, being interviewed by Andrew Marr this morning (Sunday 2nd July)?

Celebrating 30 Years

Great credit to the enthusiastic members of the Rushington Manor Residents Association.

I Wish We Had A More “Grown Up” Politics

One of the most unpleasant insults I have endured on the Council was from a Councillor Michael White (Lymington), who expressed the view across the Council Chamber that I should "grow up".

Don’t ignore this consultation

Imagine how you would feel if you set off to walk in the New Forest, with your dogs in the car and you find that your favourite car park is permanently closed.