Clear Statement Welcome

It is very rare that I pass on a statement from my party leader, Tim Farron, but this is an exception.

Funding Cuts To Local Schools

The Tories have put out out a leaflet accusing me of "Spending huge amounts of time on Facebook and Twitter instigating fruitless political arguments".

Campaigning in the Sun

It was great to join the Lib Dem Team in Ashurst today, talking to voters and getting our leaflets delivered.

Water Meters

You never know what you are going to be asked about when knocking on people's doors.

Recycling Performance

Quite a lot of people have mentioned to me withdrawal of local mini recycling centres.

Election Expenses Fiddle

A lot of people have asked what is going to happen about the outstanding cases of election fraud, being pursued by the Crown Prosecution Service

General Election June 8th

Now that's quite a shock. A windswept Mrs May announces that she is - after all - going to call a snap General Election on June 8th

Postal Ballots Arriving Saturday

It's expected that the postal vote ballots for the Hampshire County Council election will start to fall on people's doormats on Saturday morning.

Five Questions Posed by Labour

After ignoring the Town for some years, we have finally had a postcard from the Labour party, suggesting that Hampshire County Council would be better run by Labour Councillors.

Totton Crime Update

I have now had an update from Sergeant Paul Southam, at Totton Police Station, with regard to questions I put to him.