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Councillor Davod Harrison

New Homes Should Be For Local People

homes for local people
I told members of the Cabinet at New Forest District Council that they should adopt policies that ensure that the majority of new homes built in this area are provided for local people.

We were discussing a draft housing strategy for the District.

My real concern is that we won’t see enough affordable homes for local people to buy.

The New Forest is one of the most popular areas of the country.
I think it would be a great mistake for the Tories to “leave it to market forces” – as they are usually inclined to do.

I pointed to initiatives in other parts of the country, such as Cornwall, where Council policy has meant some homes can only be purchased by people with local family connections.

I think it is such a shame when children, flying the nest, are forced to settle miles away out of the area because they cannot afford to buy locally.

Do you agree?


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