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Councillor Davod Harrison

New Forest Conference Plea For An Integrated Transport Plan

transport plan
David talking about transport plans

Transport planners, Chief Executives, Senior Councillors and representatives of the business community met at the Balmer Lawn Hotel, Brockenhurst, today for the New Forest Waterside Conference, to discuss ideas for improving infrastructure, especially transport links.

Councillor David Harrison, Town, District & County Councillor, representing Totton South & Marchwood spoke about the need for an integrated transport plan, including the need for Park & Ride facilities, restoration of the passenger service along the Waterside line, linked to the availability of hire bikes and electric cars.

Cllr. Harrison said that he regretted the demise of the “Twizzy” electric car hire scheme and the failure to implement bike hire stations, both ideas that would work if introduced as part of an integrated scheme, allowing visitors to the New Forest to leave their cars at home and enjoy travelling around in more environmentally friendly ways.

Speaking after the conference David says “I am getting really frustrated by Council bosses repeating the mantra that they are agnostic about the potential for a passenger service along the Waterside line.

It has huge potential.

It just needs political vision and leadership to grasp the nettle and make it happen, alongside all the other initiatives that will help reduce reliance on motor cars”.


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