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Councillor Davod Harrison

Never Mind Mrs Brown’s Boys …

Mrs Brown's Boys - polling station?
Polling station

Whilst it is upsetting to hear of celebrities. like Bono, Lewis Hamilton and even the stars of Mrs Brown’s Boys using tax avoidance schemes to escape paying their fair share …

I cannot help but comment that it is a distraction from the turmoil of a government we have with Mrs May’s Boys (and girls).

Boris Johnson is a clown-like figure, probably the worst Foreign Secretary in history, who commands nothing but ridicule.

Now, his latest slip may have resulted in one of our citizens serving additional years in an Iranian prison.

Meanwhile, another Minister, Priti Patel, goes on holiday to Israel and conducts 12 meetings with Israeli politicians, including the Israeli Prime Minister without telling anyone.

It’s quite a feat to stumble into 12 work meetings when “on holiday”.

The Deputy Prime Minister, Damian Green, faces serious allegations relating to porn found on his government computer and inappropriate behaviour towards young women.

In ordinary times, any of these would be sackable or suspension matters but Mrs May is so weak that she dare not do anything.

To be fair, she recently did sack her Minister for Defence, but then seemed to have upset nearly all fellow conservatives by appointing a young Chief Whip to the post, with zero experience.

It’s the whips office that is coming under scrutiny for not acting upon allegations about MP’s but using it instead to blackmail them into following the party line.

Very unusually, a meeting of Cabinet was cancelled today at short notice, inviting speculation as to what must be going on behind the scenes.

It looks increasingly likely that we will have another General Election sooner rather than later.

Would you vote for a conservative MP and government after all this?


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