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E: dharrison100@aol.com

Councillor Davod Harrison

Mixing The Household Waste

Recycling Household Waste
Recycling Household Waste

Can you help with my “evidence gathering exercise”?

I have had further reports of residents witnessing New Forest District Council waste operatives, throwing both black bags and the clear sacks in the back of the waste lorry on collection days.

It’s an issue I have raised with the Council before and was told that it only happens in cul de sacs (where the bags are separated out later), or where the operatives see that the clear sacks are contaminated (such as with gift wrapping paper).

My informant tells me that neither situation applies when he has observed operatives simply throwing the bags of recycled material thrown straight into the back of the lorry (where they are crushed).

It’s been seen in Cadnam, Netley Marsh and Totton.

The Council already has an unenviable performance on recycling, spends money on trying to persuade you, the residents, to take the trouble to recycle, but appears to be undermining the whole process.

I plan to take this up again with senior management at the Council, but thought I would put this out there in case you have seen similar instances that I can highlight.

You can comment here, or if you would rather stay “Anon”, please e-mail me with details on dharrison100@aol.com, or private message me on FaceBook.

Thank you.


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  1. Janet Jenkins on Friday, July 21, 2017 at 2:27 pm

    I have seen this many times in Fletchwood Lane West Totton, I have asked the operatives why this happens and also telephoned NFDC about it, and just been told it’s an ‘experiment’ it will be sorted later.

    This is untrue there is no way it can be sorted after being crushed by the lorry. What is the use of residents sorting recycling!

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