Latest Conservative plans to accommodate a household waste collection that suits everybody have sparked outrage in Totton & Marchwood, which has been designated a trial area.

Surveys have shown that most people (80%) want to continue using the plastic bag system for collecting waste, whilst 20% of residents want the introduction of wheelie bins.

In a suprise move, which may be subject to legal challenge, residents who want to use wheelie bins will have their homes bought by the Council and will be given an eviction notice requiring them to relocate to an area of the District where wheelie bin collections will be operating.

Councillor David Harrison says “ I think it is a good thing that the local Council has found a way to give everybody the type of household waste collection system they want. However, it does seem a bit harsh to force people to move home in order to achieve it. I have heard of ethnic cleansing but this seems like wheelie bin cleansing”.

A Council spokesman, Edmund Alfoolyou, says “We propose to start moving in the removal trucks in on April 1st. If anyone wants to opt out of the new scheme they can do so by promising to vote for a candidate with a sense of humour in May.”


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