Waterside Railway

It was a great joy today, to join hundreds of people who journeyed with me, on a train that travelled down the Waterside railway line, to Fawley and back.

What a Team!

If you haven't had a leaflet through your door yet, you will soon.

Dibden Bay: My Approach

I was recently invited to undertake a tour of operations at Southampton docks.

Sinking Bridge Trouble

Just imagine the consequences if the main road bridge at Redbridge were to be closed!

Action Rather Than Talk

It's a bit strange to read a newspaper headline, referring to a Road Chief, and then to realise they are referring to yourself.

Marchwood Bypass Crash

There were long delays, following a two car collision on the Marchwood bypass yesterday. Let's hope that drivers and passenger involved will make a full and speedy recovery.

Fighting The Marchwood Diesel Threat

I apologise for the poor quality of the photograph, but it shows the building on the Marchwood Industrial Park that applicants for a planning permission are hoping to use to house up to 96 diesel powered electricity generators and 24 transformers.

Become a Councillor

This is a very useful guide for anyone who is interested in becoming a Councillor.

Dangerous New Forest Junction

I never would have guessed that the crossroads at Ipley (just outside Marchwood) would have been the scene of so many serious accidents, including cyclist fatalities.

Sorry, But it wasn’t Sneaky

I know some motorists are being caught out by the new reduced speed limit, from 50mph to 40 mph, along the A35 from Redbridge into Totton.

Saturday Night Survey Fever

I am hugely relieved to have finally delivered all 10,000 survey leaflets across my Totton South & Marchwood division.

Eling to Marchwood Cycle Route Update

I attended a meeting today with the Parish Clerk, Highways Manager at HCC, the two District Councillors for Marchwood and a representative from Barker Mill Estates.

Is there a future for Marchwood HWRC?

The Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) at Marchwood is busy and contributes a huge amount towards Hampshire County Council's recycling targets.

Fitness equipment for adults

Fitness equipment for adults Something that’s now available in Marchwood, but not anywhere in Totton, outdoor fitness training equipment for adults. It will be interesting to see if this is used very much. I did spot a family using it over the weekend. Pretty impressive when the weather is cold! Who thinks something like this in Totton would be a good idea?