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Councillor Davod Harrison

Should Law Be Changed To Tackle Problem Cyclists?

Change the law for People cycling
People cycling

I see that the husband of the lady who was killed when struck by a cyclist is lobbying for a change in the law.

He wants the same laws that apply to motorists, Causing death by careless or dangerous driving, to apply to cyclists.

I watched an interview this evening in which the bereaved husband argued his case. He did it with great dignity.

This is a particularly tragic case and somewhat freakish in nature, given that the bike had no front brake and was estimated at travelling at only 14 miles an hour.

Although likely to cause serious injury, you wouldn’t normally expect a death to occur from such an incident and possibly, leaving “fault” aside, there is more injury risk to the rider than the pedestrian.

I must say, I am undecided on the issue.

The cyclist was prosecuted and found guilty of an archaic law, causing death by driving furiously.

He will be punished suitably.

Perhaps, it did mean the court case was longer than it needed to have been.

If there is any good to have come out of this, the publicity may mean that courier companies will tighten up their procedures to ensure that the bikes riders use are street legal.

It will also serve as a reminder to all potentially reckless cyclists what can happen as a result of such action/inaction.

However, I feel that it is usually a bad idea to change the law as a result of a single, isolated, case.

My feeling is that there are probably enough powers for the police to act when necessary.

I just wish that there was better enforcement of anti-social riding when it does happen.

There is a feeling that the small percentage of cyclists who don’t have any respect for themselves or others are constantly “getting away with it”.

They lead people into believing all cyclists are a menace.

As always, interested in hearing your views….


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  1. Shawn on Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at 9:22 am

    I agree with the finding regarding the legal condition of the bicycle in this case. However, what disturbs me is the lack of focus on the actual events of the collision and the overwhelming focus on the technical aspect of the cycle. As someone who commuted by bicycle (fully road legal) daily from Waterloo Station to Old Street for 14 years, I lost count of the number of pedestrians who stepped into the carriageway ahead of me without exercising due care and attention to carriageway users. in almost every case it was due to the use of a mobile phone distracting the pedestrian. As always there are two sides to a story, especially when the legal profession and media take an interest and facts are increasingly, shall we say, given little prominence.

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