Had I been lucky enough to get elected as your MP, I would have supported the Labour party amendment to end the 1% pay cap for public sector workers.

Inflation has far exceeded an annual average of 1% in recent years.

This means that our nurses, police and firefighters and a whole host of other public sector workers have seen their wages decline in real terms for several years.

The Tories say it cannot be afforded, but then they find £1 billion, an amazing amount of money to pay a bribe to DUP politicians, just so they can stay in power.

The worst thing of all is that the MP’s awarded themselves a pay rise of £1,049 annually from April this year – rather more than the 1% limit they are imposing on all public sector workers.

Both our local Tory MP’s voted against the Labour amendment.

I just hope they aren’t in office for much longer.
This weak, uncaring, government deserves to collapse.

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