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Councillor Davod Harrison

Irresponsibility Invites Crime

Car Crime
I have no doubt that there has been an increase in crimes like breaking into, damaging and taking things from cars. There are lots of reports on Facebook.

A Hampshire Police Chief, commenting on similar crimes in the Fareham & Gosport area, has invited unwelcome press attention by pointing out that people who leave their cars unlocked are simply making it easy for the criminals and “encouraging” them.

I think this a sensitive, rather raw, subject because it is, of course, the criminals who are responsible and nobody really wants to accept otherwise.

I am sure some car owners do forget, or even regularly leave cars unlocked.

Perhaps there are some who figure that it is better to leave the doors unlocked than have the windows smashed.

The problem for the police is that each crime has different circumstances and what might be sound advice in some circumstances does not apply in every circumstance.

There is also a degree of friction that builds up in that people pay taxes and expect crime to be properly dealt with.

If it is perceived that (for whatever reason) the police aren’t performing to expectations, it’s a bit like rubbing salt into the wound when a senior officer seems to be suggesting that “it was partly your own fault”.

The police do have an important role in helping prevent crime from happening in the first place.

Influencing behaviour in a way that makes us less likely to become victims is probably one of the most effective things they can do.
Certainly, it is a lot harder for them to do anything effective after the crime has been committed.


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