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Councillor Davod Harrison

I agree with Nick….

I agree with Nick - wooden toy soldiers
wooden toy soldiers
Let’s hope retailers have a good Christmas.
I have been talking to local shop owners who tell me that trading conditions are quite tough at the moment.
If the economy starts to stall, things will only become more difficult for the economy generally.

I was surprised to find myself in agreement with Nick, when I heard him on the radio this morning.

I don’t mean Nick Clegg, but the Tory MP, Nick Boles.

In essence, he was making the case for a Tory U-turn, an end to austerity and starting to invest in infrastructure and public services.

When the Tories and Lib Dems took over from the last Labour government, the deficit was running at 10% of our gross domestic product (the value of all the goods and services we produce).

The necessary austerity measures put in place mean that it the deficit is now back to just 2.5% of GDP.
This is about average for most European countries.

Nick was saying that we should now drop the austerity policies in favour of stimulating the economy.

He’s absolutely right.
Money invested in the NHS, Adult Services, the Police and local government is rarely “wasted”.
It circulates and makes the economy grow, whilst sorting out problems that otherwise damage society.

I think you need to create a virtuous cycle, rather than a cycle of decline.

More money in the pockets of public employees means they have more money to spend, improving the prospects for retailers and other private sector employees, including tradesmen.
Everyone wins.

Either the Tory government has to wake up and understand that a change of direction is needed, or we need a new government with more enlightened policies.


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