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Councillor Davod Harrison

Heavier Britain

Sugar - Heavier Britain
Sugar - Heavier Britain

Today, I stopped by Morrisons fuel station, simply to put some petrol in my motorcycle tank.

However, it is never quite that simple.

From the moment I entered I entered the kiosk to pay, my eyes were drawn to the plastic boxes full of fudge treats and chocolate brownies.

I then had to walk along a row of chocolate bars and bags of confectionary.

As I reached the desk, there were very tempting £3 tubs of quality street tempting me to buy, buy, buy.

And finally, on the desk itself, there were packs of jam doughnuts….and I haven’t even mentioned the large selection of fizzy, sugar-filled drinks on offer.

My newspaper reports that “About 500 people a day develop type 2 diabetes in the UK.”

It seems that cases have doubled in the last 20 years.

That is shocking, is it not?

I know posts like this always invite ridicule, with the usual “Nobody is forcing you to buy” refrain.

I do understand that we all have to take responsibility for our own health.

However, we do appear to be suffering the same public health crisis as the USA.

Education and leaving people to exercise choice clearly isn’t working.

I know this sounds like a less than liberal approach, but isn’t it time we started helping people to make better lifestyle choices by limiting the places where sugar is displayed?


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