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Councillor Davod Harrison

General Election June 8th

A general election called by Mrs May
Now that’s quite a shock. A windswept Mrs May announces that she is – after all – going to call a snap General Election on June 8th.

I don’t see any prospect of Parliament not giving the necessary two thirds majority when it comes to a vote to overturn the Tory “Fixed term Parliament” law that would have meant a full 5 years of Tory rule.

Is she doing so from a position of strength, (as opinion polls suggest) or weakness? (cannot get her plans for a hard Brexit through Westminster).

From a Lib Dem perspective, I welcome the move… this amounts to a second referendum that we all wanted. It will be a General Election dominated by the issue of what our future relationship with the EU should be.

People will have a choice between the UKIP / right-wing Tory idea of almost completely divorcing ourself from the EU and a softer Brexit that means we could stay in the single market, keeping most of our trade and still enjoy a lot of the other benefits.


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