Let’s be realistic, the fact that the only MP that UKIP had, is no longer a member of the party but has decided to be “Independent” will make no difference at all to votes at Westminster.

The more significant element is that Douglas Carswell MP is now saying that UKIP no longer has any relevance because it has achieved its’ aim of getting our country out of the EU.

At the last County elections, UKIP had some stunning successes, getting about 10 County County Councillors elected.

Unfortunately, their performance as a group has been somewhat shambolic, voting in different directions, often failing to turn up to meetings, losing members through fall-outs, changing their leader about 5 times.

One of their Leaders even defected to the Tories but then failed to get selected as the Tory candidate to fight the forthcoming election.

We will have to see whether there is any future for the party. I know that a lot of them have become quite disillusioned. It’s often been a case of them failing to work with each other. People don’t like disunited parties.

It’s the reason why Labour are struggling to provide an effective opposition.

All things considered, it’s beginning to look increasingly better for my party, the Liberal Democrats.

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