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E: dharrison100@aol.com

Councillor Davod Harrison

Emergence Of a New Community Hub

St.Wins - community hub
I was very pleased to be invited along to St.Winfrid’s Church in Totton this week, to meet the team led by the very impressive Rev. Chris Steed and learn a bit more about progress with the project to create a community hub.

I believe that churches could and should be made more use of. Although they are used as places of Christian worship for some of the time, why not open them up for the use of the wider community?

I would encourage anyone to pop in and have a look at the church. It has great potential to become even more than it is at present. They have drawn up plans for rearranging and extending the church, including an attractive frontage with coffee bar.

A community the size of Totton includes a lot of people who are lonely, who perhaps don’t feel valued. Social isolation is a terrible thing. I am keen to support projects that help overcome these issues.

I think they have some brilliant plans, not just to improve the fabric of this important building but to foster more community engagement, whether it is a case of just popping in for a coffee and a chat, or participating in artistic/musical endeavours. They are even proposing to include a recording studio.

The idea isn’t just to provide something for lonely, older people, but to get a lot more inter-generational activities going.

I am assured that it is not the intention to convert anyone using the hub to Christianity. It’s all about providing something that is truly inclusive, a facility that appeals to those with faith, and those with no faith.

I do like the plans. It will be a huge challenge to raise all the necessary money required to bring the project to reality. However, as is often the case, the greatest challenges deliver the greatest rewards!

I am sure the team at “St. Wins” would be delighted to hear from anyone who thinks they might be able to offer some help.


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