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T: 023 8086 4500
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E: dharrison100@aol.com

Councillor Davod Harrison

Eling Wharf Update

Eling Wharf Map
Eling Wharf Map

I have been in touch with the Project Manager for the Eling Wharf development project, in order to get some idea about what and when we can expect to see things happen.

Residents will remember that there was an extensive public consultation a couple of years ago, with the promise of a planning application to be submitted and a commitment that we would all be kept updated.

Very sadly, communications with local people have since been very poor. A lot of people will be forgiven for thinking that the project to develop the site has been shelved.

This isn’t the first time I have chased for an update. I have suggested that they consider issuing some sort of press release to keep people posted. In the meantime, the lucky ones who follow my Facebook Page will have an advantage!

I am told that the scheme has “not been shelved”. The agents are still actively working on the scheme and in discussions with officers at New Forest District Council.

It was explained that there are some commercial and technical issues that involve other parties ownership and rights outstanding.

I can only comment that things seems to be moving at a disappointingly slow pace. I don’t know whether they still have a large supermarket lined up as part of the development. I am chasing NFDC for more information about the contamination issues on site and what is being proposed.

It’s very worrying that there seems to be some leaching of toxic chemicals from the site itself. I don’t know if this is a health risk, but I think NFDC should be providing more information to the public.

As always, I will keep pressing on all issues and do my best to keep you (the public) informed.




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