I would appreciate the public’s help in trying to prevent illegal entry of vehicles onto Eling recreation ground.

A neighbour knocked on my door to alert me to somebody acting suspiciously near the locked metal entrance gates.

I went down to check.

There was nobody there when I arrived a few minutes later but I am glad I checked the gates carefully because I found that the main bolt that secures the gates had been 95% sawn through with a hacksaw.

All it needs is for somebody to take a swing at it with a sledge hammer and any number of vehicles will be able to gain access.

Again, very fortunately, I have an emergency number to report things “out of hours” to the Town Council.

I have called and explained the problem.

Hopefully, the gate will be properly secured later this evening.

I cannot be on hand to watch the gate all evening and tonight, so please… if you are passing and see anyone hanging around and it looks like they may be trying to force the gate open, please alert the police.

It is criminal damage.

It would be nice to catch the people in the act but it is particularly important that we don’t allow access to vehicles and all the problems that flow from that.

Also see: http://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/15456881.Police_called_after_travellers_reported_in_Southampton/?ref=fbpg

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