Imagine how you would feel if you set off to walk in the New Forest, with your dogs in the car and you find that your favourite car park is permanently closed.

Similarly, what if you arrive and find that you now have to pay to park?

These are just two issues that spring to mind when considering how all of the authorities that manage the New Forest should operate in the future.

What is most important to you and your family.

Is it completely free unrestricted access and the right to do what you want, or should there be more restrictions in place to help protect the National Park against damage?

Should we look to create more country parks to help relieve the pressure on the more sensitive sites in the New Forest?

I know consultations are a regular feature of large organisations, such as local government and the NHS.

You might have a view on how much these actually change things. However, I am pretty sure that the consultation being run by the New Forest National Park Authority will indeed inform important decisions to be taken about recreation management for the next 20-30 years.

The ‘call for views’ consultation on priorities open until 13 August at

The two nearest drop-in sessions are as follows:

Tuesday 4 July
Lyndhurst Community Centre (2pm-8pm)

Thursday 6 July
Applemore Health & Leisure Centre (2pm-8pm)

or come and talk to colleagues and myself at the New Forest Show.  I will be there on Tuesday 25th July.


  1. C W Marshall

    I believe that parking in the forest should remain free, in fact I think there should be more carparks to spread the load and give greater access to the public so they can get to know nature at its best.

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