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Councillor Davod Harrison

Is compulsory cycle helmet wearing old hat?

Unconscious female cyclist lying on street after road accident
Unconscious female cyclist lying on street after road accident

Followers of my Facebook Page will no doubt recall that we had a very long and interesting debate about the wearing of cycle helmets, well over a year ago.

It seems that the government and media have caught up… it is front page news in The Times today that government are considering making the wearing of helmets and high viz jackets, when riding, compulsory.

Anything that discourages people from cycling and getting exercise is a bad thing.

We established, through the previous discussion thread, that the issue is not as straight forward as it might at first seem.

I am glad to see that the government is intending to consult and base the decision on evidence. In Australia, cycling decreased in popularity when wearing of helmets was enforced by law.

Good science would factor in the impact of less people getting healthy exercise when considering all the risks in such a move.

I get a lot of complaints about people riding bikes, sometimes with no lights and wearing dark clothing at night time.

Again, we should take into account our ability to enforce any new laws.

I think most of us will doubt whether the police have the capacity to do so.

I am of the view that it is much, much, better to create good quality surface off-road cycle routes.

Cynics amongst us might think that this latest consultation is a distraction, intended to cover up the failure to invest in these.


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