I am really grateful to the residents in Hounsdown who turned up at Hounsdown Hall this morning for a group photograph.

A photographer and journalist from the Daily Echo were also in attendance in order to capture a good shot that will help raise awareness of the concern that local people have about unreasonable rent rises.

At this stage, the right description is “concern” rather than alarm.

There is no immediate threat to the future of the hall.

Negotiations are due to take place involving the District Council, The Town Council and the Community Association.

At the moment, the District Council are making unreasonable demands which could impact on the financial viability of all community associations.

I make no apology for raising awareness of the issue.

Community Centres are really, very important and help service the needs of everyone.

There is no law that says a Council must provide facilities like this, but I consider them to be just as important as some of the things that local authorities are legally required to do.

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