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Councillor Davod Harrison

Clover but Dishonest

Rt Hon Michael Gove MP
Rt Hon Michael Gove MP

I wonder if you caught the Tory Cabinet member, Michael Gove, being interviewed by Andrew Marr this morning (Sunday 2nd July)?

One cannot help be impressed by Mr Gove’s ability to answer a question with confidence and apparent certainty.

However, why did he not simply admit that there really is only one reason that Northern Ireland is getting an extra £1 billion worth of investment.

We all know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that it is the price the conservatives are having to pay for the support of the DUP, so that they can try to cling onto power in Westminster.

If everybody knows that is the case, why not be truthful instead of pretending that the minority government has suddenly realised that this extra investment is necessary?

All this dishonest bribe achieves will be a stacked up resentment when it comes to all the Tory cuts we are going to see elsewhere in the UK, including the £140 million worth of cuts we are about to see in Hampshire.

The ironic thing is that the conservatives didn’t need to bribe the DUP.

They were never going to line up with Labour anyway.

If this is an example of the Tory negotiation skills, you can easily guess what will happen when it comes to Brexit talks.


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