I am dealing with an issue which means that some of the residents of the Gypsy & Travellers Site at Bury Brickfields have suddenly found that they are having to pay an increased weekly rental of about £23 a week.

This is a lot of money for people on very low incomes.

It arises because of the way housing benefit is calculated, connected to the decision by Hampshire County Council to transfer ownership of the site to a private company.

I wasn’t in favour of the HCC decision but was promised that it would have no impact on the residents.

Now I have found this isn’t so, I am in touch with Roy Perry, the Leader of HCC and Senior Officers at NFDC to try and get this issue resolved quickly.

I don’t think that those in charge at HCC deliberately set out to do this to the residents of Bury Brickfields.

It’s more a failure to adequately liaise with NFDC and to check the detailed rules that apply to payment of housing benefit.


  1. Rosemarie Smith

    This matter is still ongoing to which families have moved off the camp with no fault of their own. It is getting extremely expensive to live on the camp, water meters being fitted residents are not allowed to see number of units they are using. Electricity as high as 100 p/w. No maintenance being carried out by landlord, vermin running freely due to pest control not being paidso was forced to stop their visits to camp. No street lighting in winter months, grass and hedges over grown so badly. Water leak in water mains which is meaning residents water meters aren’t being read correctly. One resident refusing to have a water meter fitted so never had one fitted but other residents being forced to have them, find this very unfair. Please David help us, we don’t know where to start. It’s getting worse and worse, we need the council to intervene as residents are suffering.

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