The most significant news this week has to be the government announcement that the sale of petrol and diesel cars are going to be banned in favour of electric cars.

Although the ban is over 20 years away, the impact of this is going to be felt a lot sooner. It will encourage manufacturers of electric cars and batteries/chargers to innovate and move to mass production. This will bring down the costs and make it easier for consumers to switch to the more environmentally friendly options.

No doubt the new technologies will also incorporate “driverless” cars.

I see this as great news for places like the New Forest. It’s a national disgrace that Lyndhurst High Street is so polluted that it is officially classified as an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA). It brings about the prospect of a cleaner High Street, with slow moving, driverless, electric cars passing through at speeds that will be no threat to pedestrians.

I think in 100 years time, people who look back will welcome the fact that we didn’t, after all, construct a Lyndhurst Bypass. I think the government announcement has driven the final nail in the coffin of the bypass idea.

It’s also possible to imagine that all New Forest livestock will be fitted with tiny electronic chips that can be read and located by approaching cars, thus ensuring that there aren’t collisions – one of the saddest features of New Forest roads.

I kind of wish I was twenty years old and pretty much guaranteed to see these new technologies introduced.

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