How significant is it that the Tories failed to get the big backing it wanted from the General Election to deliver a hard Brexit…. and now we have the Confederation of British Industry making the case that we should stay in the Single Market & Customs union!

When big business wants something…. they very often succeed, not least because the Tories rely on them for most of their campaign funding.

I think we shall see a change of tactic. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the EU is not going to allow us access to their markets unless we stay in the single market and customs union.

We should wake up and smell the coffee and agree to do both.

We can still leave the EU itself and take back some measure of control, but there is really no point causing the lasting damage to our fragile economy.


  1. Paul Parfitt

    Regarding your proposal to extend 40mph speed limit to include rushington roundabout. None of the trucks that fell over at this roundabout were doing anything near that speed at the time, more like 20/25. I to have concerns about this repeated occurrence. I do believe that a restructured camber to the Totton side of the roundabout would reduce or possibly eliminate the blackspot.

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