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Councillor Davod Harrison

Because I Am Worth It…..

David Harrison - because I am worth it!
David Harrison

Whenever the Tories want to launch an attack upon me, they exercise great, characteristic, courage by leaning on an elderly resident in Totton to write a letter to the local press.

It means that the local MP or local Tory Councillors aren’t seen as being nasty or unreasonable.

It implies that the view expressed is that of “the people”.

In the Lymington Times today, a Mrs Fudge complains about the taxed £5k allowance I receive for my work as Leader of the Opposition on New Forest District Council.

Now, it might suit the ruling Tory group to have nobody prepared to offer the challenge and scrutiny that I undertake on a regular basis.

A lot of stuff they do, wasting £ millions on beach huts schemes, devolution deals, recycling woes, planning failures, would simply go unnoticed – especially to those that don’t buy local newspapers.

It’s perfectly true that the Lib Dem group is only two member strong, but this only increases my workload, as I have to monitor all areas of Council activity and still have all the other duties to attend to.

Contributing to peer reviews, speaking up for the opposition, giving an annual budget speech, attending meet & greet functions with staff, managing effective scrutiny in ways that the Tory Councillors would never dream doing.

Another point is that I was not appointed to the post, I had to stand for an election and will have to do so again.

Contrast this with the appointment of a Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner.

This was a case of a Tory appointing another Tory.

I reckon that the taxed £5k I receive for doing the job I do represents great value for the public.

Who thinks this is true of the £64,000 job the Tory has?


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