Visitor Centre Media Frenzy

Yesterday was one of those crazy days when all the media suddenly took an interest in a local story, the proposed closure of the Visitor Information Service at the VIC, Lyndhurst.

Rail Line Back on Track

Yesterday, I was asked by the BBC to be at Marchwood rail platform for a filmed interview about restoration of a passenger service along the Waterside.

Waterside Railway

I had a quick interview on BBC today, again making the case for restoration of the passenger service along the Waterside railway.

Even More Housing?

I have been asked to do a further interview with BBC TV in the morning.

Who will vote to leave the EU

I am fairly indifferent about 'the deal" that Mr Cameron has negotiated with our European neighbours. Contains video content.

Make every vote count speech

On Thursday, 18th February, I delivered a 4 minute speech at Hampshire County Council aimed at changing the way Hampshire is governed. To my surprise, my plea wasn't rejected. It will be considered again in May. Here is the speech.... Video Content included

Devolution Debate (Video)

My main point is that it isn't right for us to be asking for more powers from government when all the power, for all the decisions, is still being made by just 10 out of the 78 elected Councillors.

County Council on video

What? Nothing worth watching on TV? How about listening to speeches at Hampshire County Council this week?

New Forest Tour

I had the joy of riding around the New Forest in an open topped bus today.

Totton College

I have just had a call from Mike Hawker, Chair of the Governors at Totton College.

Adult social care debate

A fair level of agreement amongst the main political parties as we debated the future of Adult Social Care In Hampshire & Dorset on the Julian Clegg Show