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Councillor Davod Harrison

Appeal For River Photographs

River photographs wanted
River photographs wanted

This is one of the photographs I took this week of the silted river that runs under “Rum Bridge”.

The Environment Agency has told me that they don’t consider that the silt constitutes a significantly increased risk of flooding to nearby homes. However, because I have pressed them, they have said they will continue monitoring the situation.

I must say that I have my doubts about what I am told.

It stands to reason that heavy silting is going to interfere with the free flow of water at times when there is a very heavy and prolonged spell of rain.

If a large volume of water cannot get under the bridge, then what is going to happen?

I thought it might be useful to ask if anyone has some similar photographs of the silting of the river taken some years ago?

It might be useful to compare and contrast, to see how the silt has built up.

Has it been like this for 20 years, or is it now worse than ever?

I don’t have the power to instruct the Environment Agency how and when to use their resources and I am concerned that this is a government agency that has suffered more than most from “cut backs”.

Some photographs with approximate dates might help persuade them that a timely dredge might be justified.


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