The Conservatives have never been too bothered about gaining a reputation for fairness.

This is evident in their long-term hostility to changing the voting system from “First Past the Post” to “Proportional Representation”.

We all know that the Tories don’t want to change the present system because it suits them.

It’s a very clear example of putting the interests of the Conservative party before that of people.

It does not seem to bother them, at all, that your vote only counts if you happen to be a voter that lives in one of the marginal seats where support can swing from one party to another.

Both the New Forest seats are examples of “safe seats” where people generally go out and vote Conservative every General Election – hence we have had Conservative MP’s elected here for the last 200 years (with only one exception, about 100 years ago).

It is frustrating in the extreme if you support Labour, Lib Dem, Green or any other party to find that your vote never, ever changes anything.

It’s a bit difficult to defend this in terms of democracy and the idea that all votes should make a difference and reflect who it is that governs us.

The same can be said in “Safe Labour” seats.

As a consequence, Labour has been similarly unwilling to change a system that suits their party.
There is no doubt that the First Past the Post system supports a two-party system and squeezes all other parties out.

When discussing this wth Conservative voters they often privately concede that it isn’t fair, but I have heard them justify it on the basis that “We don’t want to see Coalition governments – because they are weak”.

So, here we are… a General Election result, under a first past the post system, with only voters in 50 or so marginal seats having any real influence… and the outcome is…. the weakest of all governments, propped up by ten Irish MP’s.

The Nation is very badly divided.

This is not good, especially when the government has the weakest of mandates and the job of determining what sort of future relationship with have with Europe.

I think true leadership would mean changing the law so that we have a fresh General Election under Proportional Representation.

At the end of that, nobody will be able to claim that they haven’t had a say in determining the type of government we have.

I suspect that this new government, comprising of politicians from more than one party, would negotiate a better deal, knowing it has the support of the people behind it.

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