It’s a bit strange to read a newspaper headline, referring to a Road Chief, and then to realise they are referring to yourself.

I think the debate over whether there is much benefit to the whole of the A326 being dual carriageway will likely rumble on for years. It’s almost impossible to get a new road built on National Park land, let alone the question of where the funding would come from.

I think my best approach, as a “Road Chief” is not to spend anytime on the issue, but to concentrate on things that I can achieve. Saving the Hythe Ferry Service is something I can actively support. Keeping the buses running is also something I can do, both as a Hampshire County Councillor and Member of the New Forest National Park.

I am determined to keep improving things for cyclists and pedestrians, encouraging more people to adopt these as daily habits.

I have also not given up on my campaign to restore a passenger service along the Waterside railway line.

All these things, that are achievable, can be done in the next few years and will help ease congestion on our roads, make a positive difference to accessible public transport and also help reduce vehicle emissions, especially in areas where there are serious pollution problems.

It’s also the case that travelling around by means of public transport is generally a lot safer. Let’s hope the people injured in this crash recover quickly.


  1. Phill williams

    Good point. We don’t need to waste time on a new road, stop those that are driving on it from speeding and get some of those drivers off it with a train service. IF a train or bus ran sensibly and quickly into town we’d use it rather than a car, it’s not rocket science but it’s also not the easy option. Keep changing peoples perception of ‘a new road is all we need’.

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