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NHS - funding

NHS Funding Gap

I am off to Dorchester today, to represent Hampshire residents when it comes to consulting about proposed changes to the ...
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good job TC

Good Job Town Council

I am really pleased to see that the Town Council have done a good job improving the surface of the car parking area at Testwood recreation ground ...
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National Park – Where I Differ

It's been an interesting experience, being a member of the New Forest National park these past few years ...
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Water Fountain In Rushington Avenue

Southern Water have been alerted to this spectacular water main burst in Rushington Avenue, Totton, today. ...
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bin bags

Are The Bags Too Thin ?

I have had a few people grumble about the black plastic bin bags used for collecting household waste in this area ...
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Pie-gate and NFDC

Pie-Gate Trumps Tory Monopoly

The skill of a good Newspaper Editor involves highlighting those stories that get people to pick up and buy a newspaper, rather than those things that are actually important and will affect tens of thousands of people ...
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David Harrison - sent tories licking their wounds

Forest Tories Out-Gunned – Licking Their Wounds

Tory District Councillors were licking their wounds last night, having been completely demolished by a stunning, inspirational, budget speech ...
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Fire Fighting Image by Graham Mitchell Photography

Fire Fighting Logistics

I attended a very interesting presentation at the Headquarters of Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service, Eastleigh, today ...
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David Harrison expressing views on NFDC's £30 Million Loan plan

Tories Rattled Over £30 Million Loan Plan

I have just returned from a meeting of New Forest District Council's Cabinet in which they have formally approved a strategy that will allow them to take out a £30 million loan ...
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recycling household waste

Fake News On Recycling Household Waste

Most people I talk to are under the impression that the New Forest District Council has a good record on recycling household waste ...
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budget speech

Budget Speech

I have been burning the midnight oil, putting together my speech for the budget debate at New Forest District Council on Monday evening ...
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New Forest Tracks

Is Freedom Killing The Forest?

One of the really great things about living in this part of the world is easy access to the New Forest ...
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Ghost Bike

Dangerous New Forest Junction

I never would have guessed that the crossroads at Ipley (just outside Marchwood) would have been the scene of so many serious accidents, including cyclist fatalities ...
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Rainbow Worrier

It's such a Facebook thing to do... post a picture I took of a rainbow over Totton today, as I was out delivering Focus leaflets ...
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politics of envy - green eyed monster

The Politics of Envy

I hate the phrase "The politics of envy". It's something that the conservatives use against me, time and time again ...
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Medical ID App

Medical ID App

It's something that could save your life ...
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shanty town appearence

Shanty Town Appearence

I really wish the owners of this site would spend just a little bit on smartening up the appearance of this site ...
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pensioner income

Pensioner Income Outstripping Working Family Income

The latest report showing that, on average, pensioner household income is now higher than working family income will come as something of a surprise to many ...
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child refugees

Child Refugees

The Tory government has gone back on early indications that it would provide refuge to 3000 children, currently housed in temporary camps in France ...
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Fly Tipping

Extreme Fly Tipping

This is just about the most extreme example of fly tipping I have seen ...
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