Bring On The Electric Car

The most significant news this week has to be the government announcement that the sale of petrol and diesel cars are going to be banned in favour of electric cars.

Emergence Of a New Community Hub

I was very pleased to be invited along to St.Winfrid's Church in Totton this week, to meet the team led by the very impressive Rev. Chris Steed

Fawley Power Station Development

It seems it won't be long before the New Forest District Council and National Park Authority will be receiving a planning application

Pedall In The New Forest

Please share and help spread the word about this fabulous opportunity for people who need a bit of help and support enjoy our National Park.

Meeting Sir Vince

I was most privileged to sit down with Sir Vince Cable, the new Leader of the Liberal Democrats, today for a couple of hours.

Massive Rent Hike Threat

Imagine you had been used to paying £1,600 rent for the use of a hall and then suddenly, you are told that your annual bill is going to be £8500!