I Wish We Had A More “Grown Up” Politics

One of the most unpleasant insults I have endured on the Council was from a Councillor Michael White (Lymington), who expressed the view across the Council Chamber that I should "grow up".

Don’t ignore this consultation

Imagine how you would feel if you set off to walk in the New Forest, with your dogs in the car and you find that your favourite car park is permanently closed.

Ashurst Hospital Plans

West Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group is leading a project to look at the future use of the Ashurst Hospital site.

Just So You Know….

Had I been lucky enough to get elected as your MP, I would have supported the Labour party amendment to end the 1% pay cap for public sector workers.

All bitter and twisted… me?

All bitter and twisted... me? Okay. so I didn't get close to getting elected as the Member of Parliament for the New Forest East constituency.

Services For Stroke Victims

Is it better to spend money on the NHS, or on Local Government? Most of us would say the NHS... after all, they treat us when we need it don't they