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Call For Evidence, As Well As Views….

I think I made a significant contribution today, at a meeting of the New Forest National Park Authority ...
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Tories and the Rubbish Job

At the moment, the Conservatives running Hampshire County Council, don't have to take advice from myself and other Lib Dem Councillors ...
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action on bypass

Action Rather Than Talk

It's a bit strange to read a newspaper headline, referring to a Road Chief, and then to realise they are referring to yourself ...
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Sweet Memories

I have always had a very sweet tooth. I have the fillings to prove it ...
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Motorists Speed Camera tax

Tory Tax On Motorists

It might well be that the Chancellor won't have to find an alternative to increasing the tax that the self employed pay. ...
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council tax bill

Council Tax

Council tax bills have been hitting the door mats recently and they are a lot higher than some people have been expecting ...
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Train waiting at the railway station

Stiff Train Fare Penalties

It's interesting to see a return of reporting decisions in the local Courts in the Daily Echo. Perhaps this is an early initiative of the new Editor ...
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occupation - George Osborne

Part-Time Occupation

Evidence, this week, that we are amongst the most tolerant Nations on the planet ...
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Bypass crash

Marchwood Bypass Crash

There were long delays, following a two car collision on the Marchwood bypass yesterday. Let's hope that drivers and passenger involved will make a full and speedy recovery ...
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Four Resignations

I am watching developments at Southern Health NHS Trust with a great deal of interest ...
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Paulton's Park

Paulton’s Park Dilemma

You do have to have sympathy with the owners of Paulton's Park. They didn't have to do it, but for 26 years in a row, they have hosted a fun day for children with special needs ...
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tory taxpayer ticket

Tory Call For “Hush Hush”

It's amazing what a difference one Councillor can make, keeping everybody else on their toes ...
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I know that posting anything about Brexit attracts the rabid "Leave at any cost" brigade to comment negatively ...
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crime in Totton

Police And Crime Update

I have been invited to visit Totton Police Station next week and discuss concerns about the apparent upsurge in crime with the Sergeant in charge ...
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Robberies And Burglaries

The survey of residents that I undertook in recent weeks has picked up a fairly widespread concern about the standard of policing in Totton ...
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Developers v Local Democracy

I have not yet seen any election literature from the Conservative party. It will be fascinating to see if, when it does arrive, it contains any promises about protecting our green fields from housebuilding. ...
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Liberal Democrats Are Patriots Too ….

In response to letters in the press today, suggesting that if you don't support the government, you are unpatriotic : ...
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animal collisions

New Forest Animal Collisions

I had an interview with a BBC journalist today. I'm pleased to report that they will shortly be doing a week long feature on vehicle / animal collisions in the New Forest ...
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Robbery at sweetie shop

Another Local Robbery

I really am getting concerned at the number of local robberies that are taking place. Sadly, our local, very popular, sweetie shop was targeted this week ; ...
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Positive feedback - Paddling Pool

Positive Engagement Works Better Than Facebook Gripes

I am so pleased that at least a couple of Totton residents were encouraged enough by my urgings to attend the public session of a Town Council Amenities meeting and express their concerns about the paddling pool / splash pad opening times and related issues ...
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