£2Billion - worth paying?

£2 Billion: A Price Worth Paying?

I understand that the minority Conservative government, led by Theresa May, are trying to fix a deal with the Northern ...
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legal opinion - edging towards a solution

Edging Towards The Solution

I have just received a copy of a legal opinion that supports my view about keeping the gates open at Testwood Recreation ground ...
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man on a jet ski

Warning To Jet Ski Users

I understand that the Harbour Master has been informed of a series of incidents where Jet Ski's are being ridden, launched off from Eling Quay, far in excess of the 6 knots speed limit ...
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Dolphin - this is a stock image

Dolphin at Eling

Reports are coming in, that there is a dolphin swimming up and down the River Test, currently between Eling & Marchwood ...
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money tree

Magic Money Tree

On most days, I receive a request or a suggestion for something that will cost public money ...
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Rushington roundabout concerns

Rushington Roundabout – Safety Concerns

I held a meeting with Officers at Hampshire County Council Highways Department yesterday. ...
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Launch of Tree Line

Launch of the Tree Line

Saturday : 17th June - A launch and readings from an anthology of poems written in celebration of the 800th anniversary of the Forest Charter ...
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Tim Farron

Thanks Tim

Opinions about Tim Farron, who has just resigned as leader of the Liberal Democrats, differ markedly, even amongst my Lib Dem colleagues ...
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Southampton Docks busy with shipping

The battle for clean air

I am very pleased that Hounsdown School has joined the battle with Friends of The Earth to campaign for cleaner air. I will be joining them in Totton Town Centre on Thursday at 2pm for "Clean Air Day" ...
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Pint of Beer with friends

Isn’t “Normal” great?

Today, I messed around a bit with the grandchildren, I had a drink and a bite to eat with friends, I mowed the lawn and I even enjoyed a quick pint at the Peg and Parrot ...
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Another Tory Myth Exploaded

The Conservatives have never been too bothered about gaining a reputation for fairness. ...
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David Harrison

Thank you

I am truly grateful for all the very kind messages of support ...
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It is no change in the New Forest

It is no change in the New Forest

Tory MP, Dr Julian Lewis has kept his seat with a strong majority in the General Election ...
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Tory MP re-elected in New Forest East with 23,193 more votes than the Lib Dem Candidate

Tory MP re-elected in New Forest East with 23,193 more votes than the Lib Dem Candidate

Well this is what happened just two years ago, in the 2015 General Election ...
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Do not be alarmed

If you have found that your Facebook has been taken over by political posts, supporting one party or the other, making predictions about the outcome or telling you ...
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David working though the returned surveys

Thank you for voting

I am really humbled and thankful for all the messages of support that I have received since the start of the day ...
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film break in Hythe

Film Break in Hythe

Taking a short break in filming my final video clip in Hythe today ...
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unexpected support for David

Unexpected Support

It's a weird thing but ...
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I Like This … Wildflowers

Many public buildings have a bit of closely mowed grass around them ...
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David outside Number 10 Downing Street

Reality Check

Okay, let's be honest..... I am not going to be the next Prime Minister. ...
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