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Liberal Democrats election win

Liberal Democrats Election Win

As Leader of the Liberal Democrats on New Forest District Council, it is really good to see local election results ...
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Old Redbridge

Access Plan For The Old Redbridge

I attended a site meeting today with City Councillors, Officers and local residents to discuss plans that Network Rail have for an area of parkland located near Redbridge train station ...
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110 Avoidable Deaths Every Year….

The fact that Southampton has now been confirmed as the eighth most polluted city in the UK should set alarm bells ringing but, (if you will excuse the pun), I won't be holding my breath ...
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Vegetation and the Public Interest

I was sent this photograph today. It shows the problems that members of the public face if vegetation isn't kept trimmed back ...
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Port Plans - HGV - for illustration purposes only

Port Plans Concern Locals

When the Government announced it was going to lease land at Marchwood Military Port to a commercial operation, it caused immediate alarm bells, particularly amongst residents in Marchwood ...
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habitat restoration schemes

Habitat Restoration Schemes

There is always a bit of "aggro" going on somewhere in the New Forest. It usually stems from a small bunch of people who "know better than the experts" ...
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pensioners and bus services

On the Buses … but not if you are pensioners!

As we get older the more likely we are to rely on bus services. ...
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Eling Wharf

Eling wharf – It Has All Gone Quiet!!

I get asked a lot about what is happening with Eling wharf and its a bit frustrating trying to find out ...
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Eling to Marchwood cycle route

And the Winner is … Eling to Marchwood Cycle Route

I am delighted to report that the Chief Transport Officer at the New Forest National park has written to me with the news that our very own Eling to Marchwood Cycle link is already the most used in the New Forest ! ...
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Freedom of the District

Freedom of the District

A really Impressive parade through Lyndhurst today ...
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Political News - Left Wing!

Political News

POLITICAL NEWS The result of the Labour leadership election means two things. Firstly, that Labour is indeed a "left wing" party. And secondly, the winner of the Labour Leadership election is... Theresa May ...
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Downs Park Avenue footway resurfacing

Downs Park Avenue Footway Resurfacing Scheme

Work to Downs Park Avenue, Eling has been underway for some weeks. ...
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Lottery Ticket

The Politics of the Lottery

Do you buy tickets ? Millions do in the hope that one day they will become a millionaire ...
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Royal Totton?

Royal Totton

It's a bit cheeky to suggest that the town of Romsey should change its' name to suggest some sort of royal connection ...
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County Mayor?

Little Public Interest in Council Shake Up

I was told today that the much advertised consultation, commissioned by Hampshire County Council at a cost of £159,000, ...
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Boundary Review

We Need a New, New Forest Boundary Review

We have had a review of the boundaries of County divisions in Hampshire ...
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Control of store car parks

Car Park Control

It's a remarkable thing, indeed a bit difficult to believe, but did you know that the likes of Tesco, Sainsbury's and Asda have more control over what happens in their privately owned car parks than your local Council has on car parks they own ...
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Rushington Ring of Trees

Rushington – The Ring of Trees

I am grateful to Martin Ellis for sharing this interesting photograph, (taken by a drone) of the Rushington Estate, Totton ...
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Homes Before Royal Yacht

One of the unsettling things about walking around Brighton in recent days was the very large numbers of people who were out sitting or sleeping in the streets with a hat out, begging for change ...
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