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New Forest Centre

You did not let me down, in the space of three days, I have already got well over 200 signatures on my petition asking the Tories not to withdraw funding for the Visitor Information Centre at Lyndhurst.

I am getting up stupidly early tomorrow morning to conduct a live interview with Radio Solent. Later on, I will attend a Scrutiny meeting to try and persuade Tory Councillors that know the cost of everything, but not little about the value of public facilities.

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Sorry, No trick or treating here


I wish everyone a happy Halloween, but a short reminder that not everybody is interested ...
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Man in Handcuffs

Breaking News…

New Forest Conservatives are about to come under pressure following an allegation that a Totton Tory & District Councillor has been guilty of a hate crime ...
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we said NO to closure

Marchwood Tip Success

I am delighted that political pressure has resulted in every prospect of a Tory U-Turn when it comes to proposed restrictions at Marchwood (and all other) Household Waste Recycling Centres ...
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If you were responsible for £1.2 million of taxpayer's money, would you ...
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Door Knocking in Rushington Today

The burglary on this estate this week has caused people to be a bit more alert ...
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New Forest Centre

Battle to save the New Forest Visitor Centre

I have just concluded an interview with BBC Radio Solent ...
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David with his Annual Report 2016

Annual Report

I have just finished the mammoth task of personally hand delivering my Annual Report to every household in Totton South & Marchwood ...
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Isle of Wight - Google Maps

Cabinet Ignores Councillors

I am stunned by the latest twist in the expensive saga of different local authorities seeking to re-organise themselves, dressed up as devolution ...
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Electricity Pylon

Power Plant Plans Scrapped

I am pleased that plans to install a power plant at Millbrook have been withdrawn ...
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Eling to Marchwood cycle route

Cycling Facilities Update

I had a really positive site meeting today with officers from the New Forest National Park Authority and Sustrans (the cycling charity) ...
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Oompah Band

Fear and Ignorance leads to Prejudiced and Hate

I enjoyed a nice evening out on Saturday. You might not think it likely, but I sat down at a table with Dutch, German, Romanian, Belgian, Russian and English people at a lively Totton ...
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Fireworks Display

Fireworks in Totton & Marchwood

Well, here we are, once again, into the Firework season once again ...
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A Bag of Doggie Poo in a tree

Help Please!

I am trying to locate the owner of this bag of doggie poo that I found hanging from a tree branch in the New Forest yesterday ...
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Voodoo Polls

Why it is important to distinguish between Polls and Voodoo Polls

This is a good article which explains why a lot of polls that you see on social media are not to be trusted and are almost certainly misleading ...
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Spanner on a keyboard

Throwing in the Big Spanner

Sometimes it takes just one Council member to throw a spanner in the works and stop a local authority from doing the wrong thing ...
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Free entry to New Forest Centre

Letter Writing Campaign

I really hope we can persuade the Conservatives at New Forest District Council to continue investing in the New Forest Visitor Centre at Lyndhurst ...
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Clocks go back and Fundi Competition Closes

British Summer time ends next Sunday, 30th October ...
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Free entry to New Forest Centre

Tory threat to Visitor Centre

I am alarmed by the latest news that the Conservatives on New Forest District Council are considering withdrawing the funding that keeps the popular Visitor Centre at Lyndhurst running ...
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Poundland Store

It is wrong to assume

I must admit, I had rather assumed that shopping in Poundland probably guarantees you the cheapest prices and it isn't worth looking elsewhere ...
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Liberal Democrats

Big swing towards Lib Dems in parliamentary by-election

A lot of people predicted an easy win for the Tories, in the normally super safe seat of Witney, which was previously held by none other than David Cameron ...
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